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Ahoj everyone! This has been a rather rainy week. I’m just back from Prague, which had to deal with some serious floodings of Moldau river. It just didn’t stop raining cats and dogs for the whole time and we were trapped at Topshop buying shoes and our beautiful hotel room, which could be worse. Anyway, I have to say I’m glad I gave Prague a second chance, after I didn’t really like it the last time I was there, because of the many tourists and tourist traps I saw back then. Prague is a beautiful city and has some really great parts, even if it is a little tricky during the rain. This just proofs that you experience a place the best, when you have local friends. As you can see, there’s also a tiny theme of #fromwhereistand shots according to the hashtag hunt. I just couldn’t stop it.

Favourite finds of the week: 

Mahone Bay – wonderful dreamy photos of a small town in Canada by JustTravelous

Fahrt nach Ägypten – Weltenbummlermags Marianna explains why it isn’t always as bad as the news tell us and why we should visit Egypt. I will in 2 weeks and I’m stoked!

Globus Dei – Good old Helge Schneider audio book on Spotify (German)

Auf der Suche nach dem Felsbogen – Newbie Bloggers Taina and Matze on photo hunt in Cyprus

Song of the week:

I also love the video

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