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Quit while you’re ahead, they say and so my 3 years relationship with Travelettes comes to an end. I started the blog with Katja back in 2007, did the logo and drew the iconic Travelette and at some point also started writing. This is how I got into travel blogging in the first place. Even though I’ve been blogging for years already on different personal blogs and tumblrs, writing for a bigger audience was totally different. Within the 3 years I finished my degree, moved to Berlin to work in an agency and quit my job a year after to fully concentrate on the project. It was exciting to watch it grow and work together with a talented bunch of girls. We published a little diary with blurb, did infamous flea markets, got a feature in French Glamour, wrote a book full of short stories, won a world championship and I got the opportunity to go on some really great trips, with Oman and Maldives being the highlight. But all good things come to an end, but when you realize that you don’t really have the time and the passion anymore for something and wanna open up for new things to come, its time to leave. So I’d like to say goodbye from my new home here and treat you with my all time favorites, from a little less than a hundred posts I wrote for Travelettes over the years:

1. 10 movie characters I’d like to go traveling with

This is probably my favorite post I’ve ever done. Not only that I still have to giggle every time I see those photoshopped pictures, but it also pretty much sums up my fave movies and characters.

2. 5 reasons to go to… the Ruhrgebiet

My hommage to the part of Germany where I think I might truly belong. Sometimes you need to travel the whole world and move to different places, just like the donkey in the German „Janosh“ stories, who is seeking for happiness which lies far away, and far away is always where you’re not.

3. Emergency chocolate cake


This is the best recipe in the whole world. Period.

4. Road Trip: The perfect Soundtrack

I just realized that number 1 up there wasn’t the only time of me confessing my secret obsession for High School Musical. This probably wasn’t a good thing to say to make you think this playlist is actually good. But it is. In all its post-spotify Youtube kind of way.

 5. Get your iPhone ready for traveling

Not a really special article one would say, but to me it is. Somehow this made me the geeky „Appspert“ person who’s been followed by a TV station app-testing one day in March this year.

6. 20 things to do at the airport when your flight is delayed

The infamous 20 things to do at the airport when your flight is delayed. I still get pictures from readers and friends, of all the 26 letters of the alphabet or other silly things they do while waiting at the airport. This post was also the inspiration to one of my short stories in the book.

7. Travelettes Guide to Palma, Majorca

I have a strong bond with this Balearic city. It is great for shopping as it is to just wander around, grab some tapas or watch art students sketching modernistic architecture. Its funny that it reminds me so much of Barcelona, because I knew Palma already like the back of my hand before I fell in love with my precious.

8. San Sebastián – pirate bay and surfer boys

„Donostia“ as the basque call it, is always worth a visit if you are a surfer, a foodie, a fan of pirates or just a dreamer

9. Ninas 5 countries through Instagram


My best of Instagram. Before the Maldives.

10. Barcelona: ¡Vamos a Elsa Bar!

And the very first post to the very last. I really hope people can see some improvement with this example. Anyway, this bar is a must-go when in Barcelona and I’m kind of dumpish that I didn’t manage to pass by for one round of Mojito and Guantanamera this time.

The only thing I can do now is wave my white tissue and say thank you to all the fabulous ladies I’ve been working with during the last 3 years and I’m happy to got to know, especially:
Katja, Kathrine, Gesa, Sophie, Lorna (congrats to your little baby boy!), Frankie, Marie, Ina, Kyra, Jaclyn and Yvonne.

(Diesen Artikel gibt es ausnahmsweise nur auf Englisch)

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