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Hooray, I wrote a book!

Well, actually me and 19 other Travelettes and friends wrote a book. „In High Heels um die Welt“ (Around the world in high heels) is a great collection of 33 short stories about traveling. And heels. And boys. Its coming out in June and can already be pre ordered on amazon (which you should do, since I have 3 stories in there!) During the writing process, I also did some sketches for what we felt the book cover should look like.

In the end, the publishing house went for another concept, which I’m sure will do the trick anyway, as it has our beautiful faces on the cover. The attentive reader would’ve noticed that the hand lettered title on the cover is mine, though. We’re already so happy and excited for the release! Yay!

Did I mention that you can pre order the book? Maybe you are in it, who knows…




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