My week in pictures #76

Ha! First time I finally manage to post this on a sunday. I had a great week in Berlin and visiting my beloved Hamburg, meeting some friends and family, stumbling into Kaja for the first time and doing a St.Pauli tour. Today I’m busy preparing my trip to Egypt starting Tuesday. Stay tuned!

This weeks favorite finds and Sunday reads (German only this time): 

Occupy Turkey – Vice Germany about the yesterday’s shocking events in Istanbul

Big sand beach – There are still people living the dream of leaving home to own a beach bar

Gefangen in Barhain  – Kölnformat about the travelban in the desert country

“Ich packe meinen Koffer” – This is Jane Wayne did a feature on my favorite items I’ll pack for the Nile cruise

In.puncto Traumreisen – My cameo appearance on German TV


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    16. Juni 2013

    ein schöner zufall war das! 🙂 bis bald und viiiiel spaß auf dem nil! wow!

    • Antworten


      16. Juni 2013

      Ja, das fand ich auch! Danke dir!

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