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Well, I promised to switch this weekly post to Sunday but… yes. Let’s try that next week again. As I spend most of my week in bed or at the doctors office I didn’t take a lot of pictures and have not a lot to say. Yesterday I went to have a short look at Karneval der Kulturen, because it was so nice outside. Hopefully I’m well again until friday, when I’ll be heading to Graz for the weekend with Marianna, Christine, Johannes and Stefan for a secret quest.

Recommended links of the week:

GeoGuessr – A fun game with google maps

Einmal Urlaub und zurück – This is Jane Wayne spend some days in Mykonos

Stille Post – Gesa is leaving secret notes in the city

Leg dich nicht mit dem Busfahrer an – Volker toured with a Greyhound bus through the USA. I want to do this, too.


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