My week in pictures #71

Hello there! I’m back from Stuttgart, where we did workshops at GTM and visited the Mercedes Benz Museum. Pretty much since I’m back in Berlin, I spent all my time sick in my bed. Could think of something better. Anyway, this way I had the time for some doodle downloads for you and listening to travel audiobooks. From today on “My Week in Pictures” will change a little: starting next week everything will be posted on Sunday again, instead of Monday and starting today I’ll include my favourite online finds of the week!

Enjoy and have a great week!


Favourite finds of the week:

How to pack like Nelly Bly  – Nice illustration of the art of packing of the first woman to travel around the world

Earth engine – Google earth time lapse visualizes the dramitcal damage we do to our world

Delicatessen with love –  Grandmothers and their dishes from 58 countries photographed by Gabriele Galimberti


Amateure lernen wieder sehen – Zeit Online about the synthesis of professional and amateur photography

Ägyptens Wüste –  A breathtaking desert photo essay by Marianna

Deutscher Webvideopreis – Christoph is nominated for the German web video award. Maybe vote for him

Soziale Medien und der Umgang mit dem Tod – Elisabeth Rank about what happens in social media when we die




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