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I can’t tell how happy I am that spring is finally there. I spent a couple of days at my parents in West Germany before I headed back to Berlin with a stopover in Frankfurt. I spend the weekend in Berlin, enjoying „Sweater Weather“, walking around and having my first BBQ at Tempelhofer Park. Attentive peeps might have noticed that you can’t find all shots in my Instagram stream. Every now and the I post pictures over at YouthHotspotsGermany together with my friends from Reiseblogger Kollektiv. Also, top left corner you can already see a glimpse of my upcoming „Thailand Souvenirs“ post and I got asked via my Facebook page to show you guys my favourite Apps, so stay tuned for that.

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By the way: I got featured on Let’s Travel Somewhere with some shots and a little story from my trip to Oman, that you haven’t seen on here before. Check it out, also for lots of other great travel photographers on the website.

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