My week in pictures #61

Even though, these pictures look pretty chilled, my last week was a mental disaster. So many things in my head, so much to get done before ITB and so many extra hours at work. Now I know how Fashion Bloggers might feel during Fashionweek. At least, the sun is shining over Berlin again, my business cards arrived in time and I had a spare few hours to go to the East Side Gallery yesterday. Despite all the stress, I’m kind of looking forward to meet my traveler friends and make a whole lot of new contacts at ITB. You’ll probably find me at the Travel Massive tomorrow, the Travel Tweet Up on Wednesday and at our panel talk on Friday. Come and say hi!



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    4. März 2013

    Das Panel würde mich auch sehr interessieren, leider komme ich nicht nach Berlin. Meinst du, die machen davon ein Video oder so?

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      10. März 2013

      Maike, leider (oder Gott sei Dank? :D) wurde kein Video von uns gemacht. Beim nächsten Mal stellen wir selbst eine Kamera auf 😉