My week in pictures #52

So, this was my very last week of the year. The 52 is completed and I wouldn’t have thought, I’ll actually make it through the whole year. The last week before New Year’s was rather cozy, strolling through my beautiful hometown and the closeby Venlo. Before heading back to Berlin, my mum gave me an old world necklace from my grandma and having it means a lot to me for so many reasons. I hope you’re all well and I wish you a happy 2013. To another 52 week in pictures!

To see my favorite shots of the year, check out the hashtag #smaracuja2012 on Instagram.


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    5. Januar 2013

    what a beautiful necklace! want!

  2. Antworten


    12. Januar 2013

    Fab photos! I’ll look for you on Instagram.

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