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My dear friend Frankie from As the bird flies says its time to make some goals for this new year. As I have so many plans in my head, I’ll write them down, to make sure to not lose them along the way and fulfill at least some of my dreams. It is possible. I know it, because the last year I’ve been to so many places (8 different countries, more than 14 different cities) that I’d never expected in the beginning of the year (Maldives, hello?). You can reach anything if you just want to and stick to it, right? So here are my goals for 2013:

1. Live in another city for a month, preferably Lisbon or Paris.
(When going to Paris, meet Louis Garrel or see an Alex Beaupain concert.)
2. Keep little travel journals for each journey, at least the ones that are not press trips.
3. Go to the USA for the first time. How about some rock climbing in Utah or square dancing in Texas?
4. See Iceland and have a bath in a natural hot water pool.
5. Learn a new language or boost your French.
6. Go to Italy.
7. Do a road trip. Only a year with a road trip is a good year.
8. Get some more stamps in the passport (which means travel somewhere out of Europe).
9. Escape to somewhere warm and far away over Christmas and New Year’s.
10. Illustrate more! You love that graphic tablet, don’t you?
11. Visit Bea, Eve and Kai in Amsterdam with Anke and eat lots of Kaassouffle.
12. Meet Frankie somewhere in the world.
13. Go home more often. You know why.

I could think of many more things I’d like to do, places I’d like to see and people I’d like to meet, but we have to keep it somehow doable, right? Let’s see what happens this year and who knows… things always turn out different than expected.

Have a great 2013 and join me, Frankie and Yvonne for the „13 for 2013“ or tell me your goals in the comments!

(Diesen Artikel gibt es ausnahmsweise nur auf Englisch)


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