My week in pictures #36

Just a another (yellow) week in Berlin. After all those turquoise photos I thought it was time for a change.

By the way, in an act of procrastination I edited my blogroll at the bottom of the page and divided it into blogs I like and travel related blogs. Check them out, they are all awesome. (I might add some within the next couple of days, as I have my head in a hole right now.) 

Last but not least a song that everyone should lip sync to. And don’t dance to hard, your leg might hurt after 3 days still.

[soundcloud id=’15469723′]



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  1. Antworten

    Gigi aka Angie

    10. September 2012

    LOL. Und ich weiß immer noch nichts über diese mysteriösen Flecke!

  1. Antworten

    Regen von oben, Sonne von vorn

    23. September 2012

    […] Zeit bevor der Herbst beginnt. Das ist die Zwischenzeit. Wenn gelbe Blätter schon am Boden liegen, die Bäume aber noch grün sind. Wenn man von oben nass wird vom […]