Hello World!

The very first entry on every WordPress blog. I said hello to the (internet) world many years ago. So “Hello again!”.

The cause for this blog is quite simple: I love to share my work, but I never found the right platform to do so. I had many portfolios, but updating them has always been a pain. I have a flickr, but I rarely use it. I have a tumblr blog since a few years, but that is a very random diary, with very little work in progress pieces. And since the tumblr community developed into something dedicated more on quantity than quality, I don’t feel like putting anything out there anymore. But I also care about all these images on my harddrive. So this blog is another try to keep track of my free work, my everydaylife and my travels. Cheers!


Designerin, Illustratorin, Fotografin und Flummiweltmeisterin. Mehr Infos über mich und den Blog gibt es hier