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MyFest 2012

By On 2. Mai 2012

May Day in Berlin is always special. Besides all the protests and riots, there is MyFest, an open air city festival in the streets of Kreuzberg. As the first of May is… Read More


Walking on water pt. 2

By On 18. Februar 2012

As promised here’s the second part of photos from last Sunday’s walk on the ice. The ice is long gone and today you could actually go out just with a thick sweater… Read More


Walking on water pt. 1

By On 12. Februar 2012

After yesterdays protest walk, I was chilled to the bones and promised myself I’d never go out there again by choice. But as these kind of intentions usually don’t last long, I… Read More



By On 11. Februar 2012

We are the 99% *(of bandwidth usage) Something between 6,000 and 10,000 people came to the StopActa protests in Berlin today. Allthough it was freezing cold (-8°C in Berlin) several thousand people… Read More


Out for a walk

By On 15. Januar 2012

I’ve been out for a walk in my neighbourhood „Kreuzkölln“* today, because Berlin was treated with some sun. I actually very much appreciate that this winter so far isn’t anything like last… Read More