MyFest 2012

May Day in Berlin is always special. Besides all the protests and riots, there is MyFest, an open air city festival in the streets of Kreuzberg. As the first of May is a working holiday in Germany, everyone is on the streets, enjoying music, good food and celebrating with friends. Unlike last year, where I ended up in the middle of the protests in Neukölln, this year was rather calm and I didn’t see any rioting at all. I took some pictures and shot a short video on the way. This is only a quick edit, but I think it gives a good impression of MyFest.

(Please watch the HD version on the vimeo website, I have problems getting a pro account to embed HD videos here ;) )


Find more great pictures of MyFest at Anchored Paperplane, Urbanoid and Travels of Adam

11 Responses to “MyFest 2012”
  1. Luisa sagt:

    Ich hoffe du warst bei den Ohrbooten. Ansonsten muss ich das zwischen uns leider beenden.

  2. David sagt:

    Lovely photos! I’m so glad that überlin pointed me towards them. I didn’t make it to Kreuzberg yesterday so it’s good to get an impression of what I missed. I’m off to check out the rest of your blog now.

  3. First of all, I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog- it is gorgeous! I LOVE your video- it definitely captures the vibe of the streets in a way still imagery could not. It was our first May Day here in Berlin and I soaked it all up- I posted some pictures as well on my blog :)

  4. Naomi sagt:

    That festival looks PERFECT…except for all the trash :/

    Great photos ;)

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